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Rhetoric I

Full-year course. The first year of a 3-year high school sequence. Read about our rhetoric sequence here. Introduction to the techniques of persuasive writing. Drawing on the extensive written tradition stretching from Plato to Montaigne, this course teaches students how to order their thoughts and words in the great patterns set down over the last few thousand years–patterns which are enriching and powerful.

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Rhetoric II

Full-year course. The second year of a 3-year high school sequence.Read about our rhetoric sequence here. Based on Thomas Kane’s New Oxford Guide to Writing and incorporating other classic rhetoric texts, this course follows our Rhetoric I class.

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Rhetoric III

Full-year course. The third year of the Academy’s 3-year high school sequence. Read about our rhetoric sequence here. This course follows our Rhetoric II class. The focus is on writing mature argumentative essays across a number of topics and in different contexts; advanced skills in research and citation; analysis of modern scholarly essays, advertisements, and other contemporary forms. The materials used in this course are intended for mature high school students.

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