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The leader in classical education now offers online classes.

We’ve been in the classical education business for over 15 years, providing homeschooling families with high-quality, ground-breaking resources that combine the best of the classical tradition with innovative teaching methods. In fact, more than half a million parents have successfully used the curricula, book lists, and methods of The Well-Trained Mind to teach their children at home.

Now, we’re excited to bring you the Well-Trained Mind Academy, with experienced instructors to further your ability to homeschool your children at middle school and high school levels of learning. We’ve listened to our customers who feel they would benefit from access to instructors for advanced or technical subjects. Explore our online course offerings to discover exciting new options for your family!

Online Classical Education

Experience the time-tested benefits of classical education.

What’s it like to participate in our online classes? Check out our preview below, then view our instructors and their teaching samples.

Let Us Partner With You

We believe parent involvement is one of the most critical ingredients of a successful education.

You provide the nurturing home environment, family values, and guidance that only you can give your child. We provide the expertise, accessibility, interaction, and a partnership with parents that makes the Well Trained Mind Academy a natural extension of your homeschooling education. Our goal is to partner with parents in the education process, not to replace them.

We’ve also made our instructors accessible, so parents can contact them if they feel their student needs assistance.

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