About the Well-Trained Mind Academy

What is the Well-Trained Mind Academy?

The Well-Trained Mind Academy is an online education provider for middle and high school students offering live, interactive classes grounded in classical pedagogy. Our à la carte course selection allows families who homeschool to supplement their current academic schedule or build a complete middle or high school plan of study for their student. Our online classical courses cover core subjects as well as diverse electives to engage students with varied backgrounds and interests and prepare them for life-long learning.
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Classical Methodology

At the Well-Trained Mind Academy, we deliver online classical instruction that fits your student’s homeschool or alternative educational plan. Our courses develop your student’s critical thinking skills through real-world interactions, and our time-tested methods teach your student to express ideas clearly and to engage thoughtfully with the world.

Passionate & Skilled Educators

Our expert instructors excel in managing online classes full of eager learners, ensuring a high-quality educational experience for every student. In addition to having degrees in their respective fields, many of our educators have also homeschooled their own children and bring first-hand knowledge of at-home schooling as well as the subject-matter into their online classrooms.

Dedicated Administrators

The administration at WTMA works closely with students and their families, as well as instructors to create an educational environment that fits the needs of each family. Our Dean, Director of Operations, and support staff are available to assist with course planning, registration, and more

Is the Well-Trained Mind Academy Right for Your Family?

The Well-Trained Mind Academy is passionate about helping families educate their young learners to become inquisitive, thoughtful, and well-articulated adults. We are a great fit for anyone who is looking for an online classical homeschool option! In addition, the Academy serves a diverse group of families with varying educational needs:

Homeschooling Families Looking for Additional Support: For those looking to outsource some of their instruction, particularly for upper-level courses or unique electives, WTMA offers flexible and comprehensive live classical homeschool online options. Our courses provide expert instruction in subjects that may be challenging to teach at home, allowing parents to focus on other areas of their student's education.

Families Transitioning to Homeschool from Brick and Mortar Schools: If your child isn't receiving enough support in their current school setting, or you're simply looking for an alternative, WTMA can help. Our structured, yet adaptable, courses provide a robust educational foundation, guiding families who are new to homeschooling with a clear and supportive path.

Families Seeking Educational Enrichment: WTMA provides a variety of core and elective classes perfect for those looking to supplement their child's education through additional courses not offered at their current school. Our courses are designed to enrich and expand your student's knowledge, preparing them for lifelong learning and success.

Families Looking for a Full-Time Live Online Education: WTMA is an ideal choice for families seeking a complete academic schedule for their students online. We offer all required courses, exciting electives, social and academic clubs, and tutoring options. Guardians can tailor their students’ academic plans to meet the individual needs and goals of each student in their family. Students taking all of their classes at WTMA benefit from taking sequential courses, building strong relationships with their instructors, and developing deep and lasting friendships with their classmates.

The Goggin family poses for a photo at the annual fall festival, where many online classical homeschool families meet for the first time!

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The Well-Trained Mind Academy Philosophy

Our teaching methods are based on the three-part classical pattern of training the mind, called the trivium. Students begin their studies by learning the foundations of a subject. Questioning and argumentation follow. Finally, students are taught how to express their own ideas about their subjects. At the heart of our curriculum is our mandate to teach students how to learn, so that they may leave WTMA with the motivation to pursue knowledge their whole lives.

Mission, Vision, and Values



To provide high-quality, engaging, live, online classes that follow the classical education model in order to support middle and high school students in their learning goals.


Empowering students for lifelong learning.


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    To serve students globally with no prejudice based on gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion.

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    To use classically grounded methods to emphasize critical thought and analysis in our middle-grade students and teach clear and fluent self-expression to our high school students.

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    To give students clear and actionable feedback on their work in each course.

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    To respect and support our students inside and outside the classroom so that they can focus on learning, development, and growth.

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    To develop our team of highly qualified instructors and administrators who respect each other, their students, and student families and/or guardians.

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    To respect and support our instructors inside and outside the classroom so that they can focus on instruction, assessment, and feedback.

The History of Well-Trained Mind Academy

The Well-Trained Mind Academy is based on the expert advice, carefully selected curricula, and classical model described by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise in The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home. This bestselling guide to classical education and homeschooling was first published in 1999 by W.W. Norton. It is now in its fifth (2024) edition, and has been used by over half a million parents worldwide, as well as by hundreds of co-ops, charter schools, and private schools. The Well-Trained Mind offers a step-by-step, grade-by-grade, subject-by-subject guide to the classical pattern of education, along with curricula recommendations, book lists, and more.

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The Well-Trained Mind Academy was founded by Susan Wise Bauer to give parents of middle and high school students additional help in carrying out the goals of classical education. Susan holds a BA, MDiv, MA and PhD, the last two from The College of William and Mary in Virginia. Susan has drawn on her academic training, extensive research, two decades of home schooling four children through high school, her own past as a home schooled student, and over fifteen years of college teaching experience to help shape the Academy classes into rigorous, flexible training for middle and high school students.

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