Paying Tuition with Charter School Funds

The Well-Trained Mind Academy is an approved charter school vendor in several California school districts. Here are the details:

If you do not live in California, please check with your local school district to see if a similar program is available in your state.

Must-Dos Before Registering

Before registering, check with your educational specialist or charter school representative to make sure the content and structure of the Well-Trained Mind Academy courses align with the requirements of the charter school.

When you are ready to register, make sure that you (the parent) create your Well-Trained Mind Academy profile, and the profile for your student. Your information becomes part of your parent portal and contains sensitive material that only you should know. Please do not let your educational specialist or charter school representative register for you.

Can I register if my funds aren't yet available?

Yes, you can sign your student for courses even if your funds for the next school year are not yet available. All families paying via charter school funds are personally responsible for Academy fees. To use your funds for course tuition, register your student for classes and then pay the Academy fees. You will then need to create a Purchase Order (PO) with your charter school for tuition expenses. We understand that schools have varying payment schedules; a student’s seat is held in class via the payment of Academy fees.

Actual reimbursement amounts and limits are different for each school, so please verify before following the steps below.

Steps for Paying with Charter School Funds at WTMA

  • Coordinate with your local charter school office to add the Well-Trained Mind Academy as a vendor (if needed).

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    Pick out your courses and proceed to the Payment screen. In the “Charter School Payment” box, change “Use a Charter PO” to “Yes”. Under “Select a Charter School,” choose your charter school.

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    To finalize checkout, click register and pay registration fees.

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    Submit a Purchase Order through your charter school for the original price shown on your registration invoice. Place only one purchase order per student, per semester by the dates outlined below.

Purchase Order Due Dates

  • Full-Year Courses
    • September 30th – P.O.’s for either total tuition amount or 1st half of tuition due.
    • January 30th – P.O.’s for 2nd half of tuition due.
  • Fall Term Courses
    • September 30th - P.O.’s for fall semester courses due.
  • Spring Term Courses
    • January 30th - P.O.’s for spring semester courses due
  • Tutoring Sessions
    • Submit purchase orders for tutoring before your first session.

    The WTMA Billing Department will convert a purchase order plan to a monthly payment plan if no purchase order exists on the following dates. All past due amounts will be charged, so please make sure a valid credit card is on file to ensure your child's uninterrupted access to their classes. 

    • October 1st
      • Fall Semester and/or Full-Year Classes
    • February 1st
      • Spring Semester and/or Spring Semester Purchase Order for Full-Year Classes

    You may email us at any time if you have questions or if you are aware of other states which have a similar charter school payment program.

    Please note: Parents are responsible for any remaining balance on a student’s account. This includes tuition owed if a student withdraws from a course after the withdrawal deadline.

    Payment Plan & Charter School Purchase Order Refunds

    We will cancel and refund all tuition payments made if you withdraw your student before:

    1. June 15th (summer courses)

    2. September 5th (fall and full-year courses)

    3. February 5th (spring courses and full-year transfers only)

    We will continue to charge, and you agree that we may charge, your credit card until 100% of the tuition has been paid if you withdraw your student after the dates listed above.

    Charter School Families: You are responsible for any unpaid installments or tuition owed due to missing or canceled purchase orders.