Advanced Statistics

Full- year course. The Advanced Statistics course introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. There are four themes evident in the content, skills, and assessment in the Advanced Statistics course: exploring data, sampling and experimentation, probability and simulation, and statistical inference. Students use technology, investigations, problem solving, and writing as they build conceptual understanding of statistical methods. This course will prepare students to take the AP Statistics exam. 

Prerequisite: Algebra II. In addition, students should possess sufficient mathematical maturity and quantitative reasoning ability. Advanced Statistics asks students to do work that is equivalent to a one-semester, introductory, non-calculus-based college course in statistics.

Students who wish to list an AP course taken at WTMA on their homeschool transcript must register with the College Board. Once registered, they can indicate that they are using the Well-Trained Mind Academy as their online course provider. If a student wishes to take an AP exam, they must register to sit for the test with a local school. Our AP instructors provide information to their students about how to find a testing site and register for the exam.

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Advanced Statistics Information

  • Example Syllabus
  • Class meets twice per week for one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Class cap: 12 students.
  • Designed for grades 10-12.
  • High school students may be awarded 1 Mathematics credit upon completion of this course.

Course Materials

  • Click here to purchase the course texts.
    • Stats: Modeling the World, 5th AP ed.
    • Barron’s Test Prep AP Statistics Premium, 2023-2024

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