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2022 Summer Club T-Shirt Design Contest Winner

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wtma t-shirt contest

This year’s WTMA Summer Club T-shirt image was designed by Madeline Pierce, a member of 2022 Summer German Reading Club and also a student in Introduction to Piano.

In her own words, this is how Madeline came up with her design: “The thought process for my design was to represent WTMA in the best way possible. I knew right away that I wanted the initials WTMA to be incorporated in the main design as block letters. Inside the block letters I included symbols and words to show four different subjects you can take at WTMA. Math, English/Grammar, Language, and Science. And behind it all I drew a sun to include a summer element. I am so excited and honored to see my design on the WTMA Summer Club T-Shirt!”

Congratulations, Madeline!

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