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Great work by our French 1 students!

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Super travail de nos étudiants de Français 1!

Madame Powers is very proud of her French 1 students. Check out some of their work below.

Here are four examples from a final assignment following the reading of Le Petit Prince. Students were asked to create a book cover for a new edition of the book based on their favorite characters or scenes from the book.  The students also wrote a short paragraph describing what their illustration represented.

Le Petit Prince and His Rose, by Addy McLauglin

The Asteroid, by Cale Myers

“This cover shows Asteroid B-612 with the rose sitting on it under its glass cover with stars in the background. I made the cover in Blender, a 3D design software. I based the style off the style of the little prince movie and other watercolor cartoon styles.”

Bits, by Meghan Case

“For my book cover, I chose to use bits from everywhere in the story. The sheep is from the start of the book, along with the vain and self-centered rose and baobab tree. I also used the Little Prince’s friend fox that he tamed. Some of the the other elements that I used from the book are the narrator’s plane, and the desert that he crashed in.”

The Prince and the Fox, by Sawyer Morton

“The picture shows The Little Prince and the fox sitting on an asteroid, looking out at the galaxy. I took inspiration from the movie but then made it my own creation. The colors may not match the book exactly, but they give the cover a nice touch. I added the fox because he’s my favorite character, and I really enjoyed the prince’s interactions with him in the story. I also made the prince’s clothes purple as a nod to my second favorite character, the king.”

PSA Poster, by Lawrence Wunderlich

Finally, we have a PSA poster giving advice to students suffering from depression by Lawrence Wunderlich. The assignment was to use the impersonal obligation. Students had the freedom to choose the type of advice they wanted to give, using three positive and one negative phrases along with illustrations.

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