Story of the Modern Age

Course Description


Full-year course. Making use of The Story of the World, Volume 4 along with The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and numerous instructor-assigned supplemental materials, this class studies the modern age (1850-present) at a logic-stage level. Students will make use of primary sources, timelines, and other logic-stage materials to learn about the history of the modern world, from the American Civil War to the twenty-first century. 

Example Syllabus (Download the PDF)

Required texts:

  • The Story of the World, Vol. 4: The Modern Age, by Susan Wise Bauer. Available through Well-Trained Mind Press.
  • Test Book and Answer Key, Vol. 4: The Modern Age, by Elizabeth Rountree.  Available through Well-Trained Mind Press.
  • The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, Third Edition. ISBN 9780753468753

Class meets once per week for 50-55 minutes.

Class cap: 20 students.

Designed for grades 7-9.

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