German IV

Full-year course. This course builds on the foundation established in German III. Over the course of the year, students will deepen their understanding of German grammar. They  will also further develop their reading, speaking, and writing skills by exploring historical, artistic, literary, and political topics in greater detail. In German IV, there will be a greater focus on reading and analyzing literary texts (we’ll be reading the classic, Das doppelte Lottchen--known in English as The Parent Trap), as well as written and oral expression. At the end of the year, students will be able to make arguments and counterarguments, discuss works of art, plan for trips, understand ads and create a job application. Students will use skills in the following areas and build global competency skills for future careers and experience based on the World-readiness Standards for Learning Languages from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

Students completing a fourth or fifth year of language study at the Well-Trained Mind Academy are in a great position to apply for the Global Seal of Biliteracy. Eligible students receive information about applying for the Seal and testing from their instructors in the late fall of each year. 

Click here to read about the Well-Trained Mind Academy's approach to world language learning. Note: We do not offer a delayed section for this course due to the live interaction that is key to learning language.

Prerequisites: German III; German IV Placement Test

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