WTMA Newspaper Club Launches the Inaugural Issue of the Well-Trained Tribune

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WTMA student Newspaper Staff

By Dr. Lisa Gentile, Faculty Mentor

The Well-Trained Mind Academy is thrilled to announce the publication of our monthly digital student newspaper located in the community section of the WTMA website. A dynamic group of enterprising students has been hard at work as members of the newly minted Newspaper Club for the Rhetoric Stage beginning in the spring semester of 2022. The club counts 14 high-school students who make up the staff of the newspaper, meeting officially on a bi-weekly basis and continuing their work outside of the regular club meetings in order to do all that is necessary to put out a monthly newspaper. Undaunted by the task at hand, this devoted team of pioneers has stepped up to the challenge to produce a first-rate publication.

What’s in the WTMA Student Newspaper?

The Well-Trained Tribune has something for everyone. It features work from staff writers and artists covering a wide array of topics and themes, as well as regular columns on music, books, and film; comic strips; and crossword puzzles. In addition, every issue will have a Pet of the Month Competition open to all and inviting the entire WTMA community to vote in the selection process. A resounding success, this first time around has been a lot of fun with some 40 submissions of pet photos and over 300 votes cast. Conceived with the aim to build community and promote creativity outside the classroom using any medium, the paper welcomes contributions from the entire WTMA student body. The staff will issue a call for submissions at the beginning of each month during the academic year.

The Well-Trained Tribune Team

Spearheaded by co-editors-in-chief Marina Matson and Miriam Erbaugh, the team boasts several regular writers and artists and a group dedicated to design and layout. Not to mention, the outstanding quality, talent, and variety of student submissions of artwork, poetry, and other writings in the first issue have impressed the staff. For the last month, the layout team has been enjoying the creative aspects of designing an original paper from scratch using Canva, while the copyediting team has been putting the final touches on written submissions.

In the words of a few founding members who are most enthusiastic about their experience on the first issue, work on the newspaper club:

  • “is a great way to expand on skills in all areas—design, writing, etc.” S.R.
  • “allows me to prepare for my desired career.” L.B.
  • “is a way to let your creativity go to other places besides in the home.” K.C.

Students interested in participating in the newspaper may offer submissions any time during the school year. Additionally, students wanting to join the WTMA student newspaper staff should register for Fall 2022 Newspaper Club for the Rhetoric Stage.

For my part, it has been a delight to be involved with this student-initiated project from its inception. The overwhelming response from the wider community has contributed to the staff’s enthusiasm and motivation. We are glad to be able to provide a forum for students at WTMA to showcase their talents and develop their skills. As the club advisor, I have observed this newly formed staff, a small group of diligent students, make the Well-Trained Tribune their own, assuming their respective roles and finding ways to collaborate to produce an outstanding first issue.

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