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Science Fair Presentations from Chemistry for the Logic Stage 2023-2024

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Students in Dr. Amanda Furtado’s Chemistry for the Logic Stage 2023-2024 class created science fair presentations for their final exam. They came up with the ideas for their science fair projects individually and they completed them at home with their families. The assignment was pretty broad; students were tasked with selecting a scientific topic of personal interest and using the scientific method to investigate a hypothesis related to their topic. Their projects were not required to be chemistry-related, but they were required to use the scientific method.

Check out some examples of these excellent presentations below!

Dorothy Slater – Memory

Grace Leiser – Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

Archer Borecky – Different Rocket Fuels

Adalyn Miller – Eyes on the Road: How Different Distractions Affect Reaction Times

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