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Reading for the Logic Stage Body Biography

Sade from The Other Side of Truth is depicted in this Reading for the Logic Stage Body Biography.
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Students in Dr. Roudabush’s Reading for the Logic Stage III class completed a “Body Biography” this Spring for the character  “Sade” in Bevery Naidoo’s The Other Side of Truth. A “Body Biography” is a way students can use images and writing to express their analytical and conceptual understanding of characters. Wania K.’s submission was a stellar example of how the assignment works.

This is what Wania says about her submission: 

The Other Side of Truth is tragic, eye-opening, yet wonderful to read. It tells the tale of a Nigerian girl, Sade, whose mother is tragically killed by her father’s enemies. Sade’s father strives to reveal the government’s evil, but he is faced with the decision of choosing between truth or the safety of family. Sade and her brother are then smuggled to London. There, they are forced to navigate their way through an entirely new world; where anyone could be a foe.

This assignment on The Other Side of Truth helped deepen my understanding of young Sade as a character — specifically her thoughts and fears. Despite having thoroughly read the book, the assignment assisted me in further investigating how Sade truly felt being lost in a world completely unknown to her. It was also enjoyable adding apparel and accessories to the Body Biography — Sade’s printed skirt represents her African descent; her bright yellow shirt represents her displacement in a new and cold region.

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