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Poetry Collage – Poetry in Reading for the Logic Stage III

Poetry collage
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Writing & Grammar

Students in Reading for the Logic Stage III completed “Poetry Collages” where they used lines from works in Poetry 180 to create their own poems. Students were to consider the poems they read for class and to choose at least six of their favorite lines from different poems and piece them together into “a final collage that showcases visuals that highlight the meaning of the lines you have chosen.”

Jacob Lawler did an incredible job with his collage. Of his project, he wrote:

“Poetry is designed for the lines to effortlessly flow together, jumping from one idea to another with rhythmic flow. Making use of descriptive language and clever word choice, it forms scenes just as smooth in the mind. It all blends together into this rendering of an idea that is fun and effortless to read. I tried to be an extension of the poetry in this assignment, choosing images and colors that would reinforce the feeling of serenity and solitude I had created with the different lines. It was great to be able to embrace some of the creativeness of poetry in this assignment.”



  • “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins, p. 3.
  • “Selecting a Reader” by Ted Kooser, p. 4.
  • “Not Bad, Dad, Not Bad” by Jan Heller Levi, p. 5.
  • “Singing Back the World” by Dorianne Laux, pp. 6-7.
  • “The Pink Car” by Mark Halliday, p. 8-9.
  • “The Cord” by Leanne O’Sullivan, pp. 12-13.


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