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Not even the sky’s the limit for these creative astronomers!

Astronomy projects in Ms. Ostaff's course at the well-trained mind academy were stellar!
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Students in our high school Astronomy course were asked to create a midterm project that reflects what they learned during Fall semester. Here are the amazing results:

Philip made sketchnotes of the Week 2 lecture on observable sky and celestial motion in Ms. Ostaff’s Astronomy course. Mrs. Ostaff says, “This is such a great way to study and is a beautiful visualization of the information.”

Quip used watercolor and colored pencil to make a gorgeous and accurate representation of a Herbig-Haro object. 

Tatiana painted a spectacular representation of the Crab Nebula.

Ellie impressed Mrs. Ostaff with her phases of the moon illustration. 

Of the project overall, Mrs. Ostaff said, “I’m impressed with students’ choices and care taken in their astronomy projects. From notes to illustrations, students covered a wide range of material in different ways, reflecting their individual learning.” 

Astronomers, we agree that your projects are out of this world!

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