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Single-semester course. The Latin Club is designed to explore additional topics of interest to Latin students, such as Roman history, mythology, daily life, mottoes and abbreviations used today, as well as additional vocabulary. The club will meet every other week for one hour, and meetings will be recorded. Students participating in Latin Club will be members of the National Junior Classical League (NJCL), one of the largest student organizations in the country, and will be able to take advantage of the many activities, contests and scholarships offered by NJCL.

Latin Club prepares students for the National Latin Exam (NLE), an annual test of forty questions administered online in the spring. To succeed on the NLE, students should also be taking a Latin class, as the club alone will not cover the language instruction needed for best results on the exam. The Latin classes offered by WTMA do cover the necessary language requirements. WTMA Latin Club is open to all students.  Please note that outside students must be receiving regular Latin instruction to be successful in the National Latin Exam.

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Please note: Latin Club meets every other week, starting in the second week of the semester.

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