Philosophy & History of Science: A Survey of Scientific Thought

Full-year course. A historical journey through the development of scientific thinking, beginning with the Greeks. Also covers the content of major scientific theories such as continental drift, Darwinian evolution, the "Big Bang," chaos theory, and quantum physics. 

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  • Example Syllabus (Download the PDF)
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    • The Story of Western Science: From the Writings of Aristotle to the Big Bang Theory, Susan Wise Bauer
    • T.rex and the Crater of Doom, Walter Alvarez
    • The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe, Steven Weinberg
    • Chaos: Making a New Science, James Gleick
  • Class meets once per week for 50-55 minutes.
  • Class cap: 20 students.
  • Designed for grades 9-12.
  • Students in grades 9-12 may be awarded 1 HistoryHumanities, or Non-Lab Science credit upon completion of this course.
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