Math Club

One-semester club. Math Club gives WTMA students the chance to meet with peers for math games and friendly competition. Students work on creative group projects and participate in MathCounts activities and Math League Competitions. Students hold elections for club officers and plan special events. There are two meetings of the club–one for Logic stage students and one for Rhetoric stage students. Both clubs will hold joint events with the other club meeting. Students should also be enrolled in a mathematics class, as the club alone will not cover the mathematics instruction needed for a subject course.

Students in Fundamental Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, or Algebra I should sign up for Math Club for the Logic Stage.

Students in Algebra II and higher should sign up for Math Club for the Rhetoric Stage. Math Club for the Rhetoric Stage students will participate in Math League Competitions.

"My daughter loved math club. She wants to take it until she finishes high school."
- Parent Course Evaluation, Fall 2021
- Student Course Evaluation, Fall 2021

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    Math Club Information

    • For more information about Math League, visit
    • Class meets every other week.
    • Students must be receiving regular math instruction to be successful in Math League.

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