Literature of the Medieval and Renaissance Worlds

Full-year course. A survey of the most important works from the later Church Fathers through the sixteenth century/Elizabethan era. Students will consider the idea of chivalric romance (in both its most grandiose and most ridiculous qualities); what exactly the love that moves the spheres is and how we are drawn to it; and the differences in and uses of tragic and comic stories. When taken in combination with our Medieval History course, this provides the integrated Great Books and History coverage recommended in The Well-Trained Mind. 

Please note: We suggest you review the proposed readings so that you are aware of the literature we are teaching and that your student’s level of maturity matches it. 

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Literature of the Medieval and Renaissance Worlds Information

  • Example Syllabus
  • Class meets once per week for 50-55 minutes.
  • Class cap: 20 students.
  • Designed for grades 10-12.
  • High school students may be awarded 1 Language Arts credit upon completion of this course.

Course Materials

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    • Beowulf
    • The Volsung Saga
    • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    • Song of Roland
    • Le Morte D’Arthur, Thomas Mallory
    • The Divine Comedy, Dante
    • The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli
    • The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer
    • Faustus, Christopher Marlowe
    • Hamlet, William Shakespeare

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