Class Cohort Program

This program is designed to offer advising and support to students through the high school years. Students and guardians meet with their advisor to plan courses for the following year. Students meet as a group monthly during the academic year, either to talk about a topic relevant to where they are in their high school path, or to hear from a special guest about their career and how they got where they are today.

Advising sessions include planning how to meet state graduation requirements, planning which courses to take to prepare the student for college/their career, and course adjustments based on student wants and needs. 

Students applying for university studies will do so as homeschoolers, and will submit the WTMA accredited transcript as a supplement to their homeschool transcript. 

Students planning to participate in the cohort should sign up for five courses: 

  • Four Core Courses 
    • Writing
    • Math 
    • Science 
    • History and/or Literature
  • One Elective Course
    • May fulfill a high school requirement but does not have to 
      • World Language
      • Fine Arts
      • Health/PE

Students will register for their 9th grade year sometime during the Spring or Summer. 9th grade advising meetings will take place in August, and any necessary changes to the student’s schedule will be made. Subsequent advising meetings will be held after the completion of the academic year. 

While the Academy is committed to the centrality of history in the classical curriculum, the cohort program also recognizes that U.S. students generally need to abide by state graduation requirements, in case of transfer to another school as well as to provide a standard transcript to college admissions offices. The U.S. approach to historical education in high school does not provide a comprehensive survey of global history; generally, U.S. students are required to only take one year of world history, followed by a year of U.S. History, and a year of Government & Economics. We recognize that many students will not be able to complete a full survey of world history, but we also believe that a foundation in global history is key for successful historical study. For this reason, we ask all cohort students to read through the Story of the World history series before the start of the ninth grade year.

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Class Cohort Program Information

  • Sign up for “Class of 2027.”
  • Registration open to students entering 9th Grade in the Fall of 2023 (May 2027 graduation).

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