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The Well-Trained Mind Academy provides engaging classroom experiences based on classical education methods to prepare your student for both higher education and lifelong learning.

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Well-Trained Mind Academy: The School Your Kids Want to Attend

At the Well-Trained Mind Academy, middle and high school students can take live, online classes in all of the core subjects. We also offer a variety of electives to keep students excited in their coursework. Our courses are taught by seasoned educators with a passion for helping students excel, and our administrative team is committed to working with families to create an educational environment that fits each families educational and lifestyle needs.

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Our Teaching Methodology

We provide live, online instruction that fits your student's educational plan. Our courses develop your student's critical thinking skills through real-world interactions.

Our time-tested methods teach your student to express ideas clearly and to engage throughtfully with the world. our teaching methods are based on the three-part classical pattern of training the mind, called the trivium.


Training the Mind

Students begin their studies by learning the foundations of a subject.

Questioning and Argumentation

Questioning and argumentation (logic skills) follow.

Self Expression

Finally, students are taught how to express their own ideas about their subjects.

At the heart of our curriculum is our mandate to teach students how to learn, so that they may leave WTMA with the motivation to pursue knowledge their whole lives.

Mission, Vision, and Values



To provide high-quality, engaging, live, online classes that follow the classical education model in order to support middle and high school students in their learning goals.


Empowering students for lifelong learning.


  • To serve students globally without prejudice.
  • To use classically grounded methods to emphasize critical thought and self-expression.
  • To give students clear and actionable feedback.
  • To respect and support students as they learn, develop, and grow.
  • To develop our team of highly qualified instructors and administrators.
  • To respect and support our instructors inside and outside the classroom.