Learning along with a group of other students can be a wonderful experience–but when a student struggles, there’s no substitute for one-on-one teaching.

The Well-Trained Mind Academy offers individual tutorial sessions to students who are enrolled for classes, as well as those who are working independently.  Your tutor can help you with a sticky problem or difficult skill, can provide feedback on a paper or assignment, or can meet with you regularly to walk you through an entire course of study.

Tutorial rate is $50 per hour – email us to book your first session today!

Multiple Tutoring Sessions

Enjoyed your first session and need on-going tutoring? Book 4 or more tutoring sessions at the same time and receive a 10% discount!

Please contact us with the following information. Then we will set up convenient and automatic monthly payment schedule.

  • Parent name, email & phone number
  • Student name & email
  • Instructor & topic
  • Currciulum (Parent will need to purchase an instructor copy of the curriculum if the work is outside the scope of classes taught at WTMA).
  • Session schedule (weekly each Wed, weekly each Mon/Wed, etc.)
  • Start/end dates
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