Learning along with a group of other students can be a wonderful experience–but when a student struggles, there’s no substitute for one-on-one teaching.

The Well-Trained Mind Academy offers individual tutorial sessions to students who are enrolled for classes, as well as those who are working independently.  Your tutor can help you with a sticky problem or difficult skill, can provide feedback on a paper or assignment, or can meet with you regularly to walk you through an entire course of study.

Tutorial rate is $50 per hour – email us to book your first session today!

How do I start tutoring sessions?

  1. Please contact us with the following information:
    • Parent name, email & phone number
    • Student name & email
    • Instructor & topic
    • Curriculum (Parent will be charged for an instructor copy of the curriculum if needed. Material needs will be discussed during planning.)
    • Session schedule (one time, weekly, etc.)
    • Estimated Start/end dates
  2. Once we receive your request, we will connect you with a qualified tutor so you can set up scheduling.
  3. If your family is new to the Academy, we will send you instructions to create parent/student accounts for billing and classroom access.

Payment & Purchase Orders

At the end of each month, tutors will report the number of sessions held, and we will automatically charge using the card on file.

If you plan to use Charter School funds to pay tutoring, a purchase order must be submitted before any sessions are held. When the sessions covered by the purchase order are completed, a new purchase order must be submitted before additional sessions can take place.

Multiple Tutoring Sessions

Enjoyed your first session and need on-going tutoring? Hold 4 or more tutoring sessions in the same month and receive a 10% discount! Discount does not apply to sessions paid via Charter School purchase orders.

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