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House on Mango Street One-Page Assignment

house on mango street book cover
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house on mango street book cover

Students in Dr. Roudabush’s Reading for the Logic Stage III class were tasked with visually representing their reactions to The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. The assignment asked students to “use both visual symbols and important words and phrases to clearly and concisely share your most important takeaways with someone else.” The students’ responses were thoughtful and creative. Take a look for yourself!

Julia M. “This was a cool assignment, because I like drawing. I think that one of the book’s main themes is color, so I used a lot of bright-colored crayons- mostly red, yellow, green, blue, and purple.”

Maddie K. “I really wanted to show how Esperanza accepted her life, even though at the beginning of the book, the last thing she wanted to do was live on Mango Street. Also, Esperanza means ‘hope’, and I think that was one of the other main themes in The House on Mango Street.”

Eva B. “I wanted to show how the most important theme in the book was how different Esperanza felt, even though everyone is different in their own way.”

Sydnei S. “What inspired me the most while doing the one pager was the concept of change. Change was a really big theme throughout the book we read and I found it very important.” 

Elizabeth P. “I was inspired by Esperanza’s ability to define her own life despite her extremely difficult upbringing. As I grow up, I understand more of the unique challenges that women face.”

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