Do you offer Advanced Placement classes?

Well-Trained Mind Academy

Where one of our classically-designed courses happens to overlap with the content of an AP test, we have noted this so that students have the option of registering for that AP exam. However, we … Read More

What is the difference between AoPS and Saxon math?

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

The Saxon textbooks and the AoPS materials approach math differently. For both, the goal is the same: understanding of mathematical concepts, and mastery of problem-solving procedures. However, the programs reach … Read More

Do you offer science labs?

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

We offer full-year subject-based lecture science courses for middle and high school. We offer corresponding one-semester labs for our high school science courses. Each family has the flexibility to select … Read More

How are grades assigned?

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

Instructors evaluate assignments after students submit them through Blackboard, the Academy’s learning management system. Parents should be involved in proctoring tests, and should also ensure that students are completing assignments on … Read More