World Language Culture Clubs

One-semester club. The World Language Culture Clubs are designed to explore additional topics of interest to language students. There are culture clubs for French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. Culture Clubs are led in English (with plenty of additional resources in the target language), so they are a great opportunity for students to grow their language learning community, even during their first year learning a language! Culture Clubs are open to all WTMA students.

Examples of topics and in-class activities include:

  • Cooking a traditional dish
  • Virtually visiting a city or culturally significant site
  • Discussing various countries, localities, and groups of the target language speakers
  • Exploring traditions and common cultural practices related to the target language
  • Learning about key figures in the target languages’ history and culture

New topics will be introduced each year so that students can participate in the club as many times as they like.

Students who participate in a World Language Culture Club will be able to take the national language exam at their level. Culture Club instructors will provide information and guidance on exam participation to interested students.

Please Review Before Registering

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