U.S. Government

One-semester course. By exploring the dynamic development of governmental systems in the United States, this course will prepare students for vigorous, informed, and purposeful participation in the democratic public sphere. Among other topics, students will consider the fundamental principles of the founding documents, as well as how these principles have changed over time; the variable role of the judicial, executive, and legislative branches in processes of governance; and the impact of special interests. An eye to current events will be kept throughout the semester.

Prerequisite: U.S. History

When I asked my student if after the class they knew where the teacher fell politically, I am so happy to report they said, "NO!" Thank you for teaching my student how to think about the government, and not what YOU think about the government. - Parent Evaluation Fall 2022
This course was excellent, and encouraged free thinking and debate. I can't give the course enough praise. I now know more about the government, and appreciate our country far more than I did before this class. - Student Evaluation Fall 2022
"It is perfect. Government had never really been an interesting topic for me, so I have been very pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the class is."
- Student Course Evaluation, Fall 2021

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    U.S. Government Information

    • Example Syllabus
    • Class meets once per week for 50-55 minutes.
    • Class cap: 20 students.
    • Designed for grades 11-12.
    • High school students may be awarded .5 Social Sciences credit upon completion of this course.

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