Expository Writing II

Full-year course. More advanced skills in organization, sentence structure, essay construction, and research skills. Reviews Expository Writing I skills and adds explanation by comparison, explanation by definition, introductions and conclusions, brainstorming and choosing topics, writing comparative literary essays, and planning out longer papers. Click here for an explanation of our writing and grammar curriculum, and sample course sequences.

Prerequisite: Expository Writing I, or Writing with Skill Level 1. For help in placement, see our writing assessment, which will be evaluated by Academy writing instructors.

I think this is a great course. I love how structured it was and how each class session had a clear goal. I feel like my student's writing skills improved because of this course. Thank you! - Parent Course Evaluation 21-22
"My student’s writing has improved by leaps and bounds. This is a wonderful writing program."
- Parent Course Evaluation 2020-2021

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    Expository Writing II Information

    • Example Syllabus
    • Class meets twice per week for 50-55 minutes.
    • Class cap: average 12 students.
    • Designed for grades 7-9.
    • High school may be awarded 1 Language Arts credit upon completion of this course.

    Course Materials

    • Click here to purchase the course text.
      • Writing With Skill Student Workbook Level 2, Susan Wise Bauer

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