Welcome to the Well-Trained Mind Academy!

Our live, online classes for middle and high school students are an excellent resource for homeschoolers, afterschoolers, and anyone looking to create a custom education for their student.

Things to know:

  • You will find answers for most of your questions on our FAQ and Handbook page.
  • Most of your technical questions will be answered on our Instructions and Tutorials page.
  • Teachings samples for all instructors can be found on our Instructors & Tutors page, and on our YouTube channel.
  • You can find a sample syllabus for a course under its course description.
  • Placement tests are located in a course’s description. Please note: not all courses have placement tests.
  • Here is our Academic Calendar. We list all times on our site in EST/EDT.

Check out our extended class preview to get a feel for how our classes work.

You will see:

  • students speak with the instructor in real time.
  • live text chat with the instructor and students.
  • critical engagement with class material.
  • students share ideas on the class whiteboard.

Please note: this is a recording of a live class, so the chat includes occasional typos. The sample is taken from a 50-minute class.

Delayed Lecture Program

Our Delayed Lecture Program allows students unable to attend live class sessions to participate in our classes.

All live lectures are recorded. Delayed students watch recorded class sessions and then turn in assignments on the same schedule as the rest of the class.

Delayed students can attend live class when their schedules allow (just let the instructor know first!), and they interact with other students via discussion boards. Delayed students can work with their instructors outside of class via email and meetings in the instructor’s virtual office.

To participate in the Delayed Lecture Program for a particular course, register for “Section D” of that course.

Our Delayed Lecture student orientation video explains everything you need to know!

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