What age range do you serve?

Well-Trained Mind Academy

The Well-Trained Mind Academy offers classes for middle and high school students. Return to FAQ Page

Academic Calendar

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

Click here to visit our Academic Calendar. Return to FAQ Page

When can I register my student for classes?

Well-Trained Mind Academy

Registration for the upcoming academic year opens during the first week of February. Registration for a particular semester stays open through the first week of classes. Subscribe to our newsletter to … Read More

What happens after I register for classes online?


After registering, you will immediately receive an email receipt with a list of the courses you selected. On the Friday before orientation week, you will receive an email with your Blackboard username and … Read More

How are students placed in classes?

Well-Trained Mind Academy

Parents register for course a la carte, meaning there is no admissions packet to fill out, nor do parents have to sign up for a full year of classes. We … Read More

How do I drop a course?

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

Email us to request a course drop. Please include your student’s name and the name of the course you would like to drop. Our tuition page details our withdrawal and refund policy. Return … Read More

Are there course prerequisites?

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

Each course lists prerequisites when required. We provide a list of topics that will be covered in a course as well as recommended grade levels in each course description so … Read More