Course Description


Full-year course. This course will provide a thorough survey of basic biological principles. Course content includes but is not limited to the fundamental principles of biochemistry, cell structure and function, heredity, molecular genetics, evolutionary theory, organism diversity, and ecology.

Example Syllabus (Download the PDF)

Required Text:

  • McGraw-Hill Education Glencoe Biology. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2017. ISBN 9780076774289

Class meets twice per week for 50-55 minutes.

Class cap: 15 students.

Designed for grades 9-12.

Students in grades 9-12 may be awarded 1 Non-Lab Science credit upon completion of this course.

*A student will earn a full laboratory science credit if taking a non-lab science and the corresponding lab together. For example, if a student takes Biology and one-semester of Biology lab, she will earn 1.5 laboratory science credits.