Introduction to Engineering for the Logic Stage

One-semester course. This class is designed for students who enjoy science and math and are interested in learning how these subjects apply to engineering.  The class will introduce students to the engineering design process.  Students will learn an overview of different types of engineering, including chemical, environmental, mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering.  Students will participate in engineering design projects to solidify their understanding of engineering concepts.

Students are expected to come to class having read the assigned pre-class reading, prepared to discuss problems, and to work individually and in groups to solve assigned engineering problems.  Completing the engineering design projects will require the use of household and/or craft materials, such as tongue depressors, tape, cardboard, etc. The instructor will send out an email at the beginning of each design project notifying families what types of materials are suggested to complete each project.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in or successful completion of Pre-Algebra.

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Introduction to Engineering for the Logic Stage Information

  • Example Syllabus
  • Class meets once per week for 50-55 minutes. 
  • Class cap: 20 students.
  • Designed for grades 6-8.

Course Materials

  • Click here to purchase the course texts.
    • Engineering for Teens: A Beginner’s Book for Aspiring Engineers
    • Teen Innovators: Nine Young People Engineering A Better World with Creative Inventions

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