Grammar II

One-semester course. Grammar II is a basic English grammar course for students who have a solid understanding of basic grammar concepts. Builds on foundational skills and explores the definitions and functions of all parts of speech, reinforces mechanics, enhances understanding of verb tenses, and practices fundamental skills in diagramming. Click here for an explanation of our writing and grammar curriculum, and sample course sequences.

*Students who have no experience diagramming sentences should enroll in Grammar I. 

Prerequisite: Grammar II Placement Test

I think one of the most interesting is learning how to really diagram, even though I have done that before in Grammar I. When I don't understand sentences in books I'm reading or even in papers I have to write for WTMA, I find myself in my head diagramming the sentence or just finding the subject, verb, and DO. As far as new things though, I thought learning active and passive was pretty fun. Also I liked diagramming prepositional phrases and learning to identify them. Thank you wonderful semester!
-Student, Grammar II
"We have used Susan Wise Bauer’s grammar curriculum at home, but because I was never taught grammar so well, my student would have questions that I could not always answer. Signing her up for the class was a wise decision."
- Parent Course Evaluation Spring
"Great, challenging course! Wonderful faculty engagement."
- Parent Course Evaluation Summer
"The teacher made grammar fun, and showed me (and hopefully the rest of my class) the fun in diagramming! I would recommend the grammar courses to anyone looking to improve their grammar or to learn about the English language."
- WTMA Student Response on Fall Course Evaluation

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    Grammar II Information

    • Example Syllabus
    • Class meets once per week for 50-55 minutes.
      • Summer session meets twice per week for 50-55 minutes.
    • Class cap: 15 students.
    • Designed for grades 6-8.
    • Students in grades 9-12 may be awarded .5 Language Arts credit upon completion of this course.

    Course Materials

    • Click here to purchase the course texts: 
      • Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind, Yellow Student Workbook
      • The Diagramming Dictionary 
      • The Grammar Guidebook (Recommended)

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