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Class Options

The Well-Trained Mind Academy offers two kinds of enrollment.

Traditional Live Instruction. Students attend live lectures at scheduled times, beginning in September and ending in May. Class interaction is also live. Assignment deadlines are set by the instructor.

Delayed Lecture Program (DLP)International students, afterschoolers, and students in distant American time zones may be best served by our Delayed Lecture Program. All live lectures will be recorded. Students who register for the Delayed Lecture Program must attend the recorded lecture within 24 hours of the original class time. All assignments will be due on the original dates posted in the class syllabi. Office hours will remain as indicated on the original schedule. The student will not be able to join in on the live class interaction, but may still make use of discussion forums and all other class interaction features.

In addition, students may register after classes begin, with the understanding that they will watch the recorded lectures and complete missed assignments in a timely manner.

  • Classical education based on the methods of The Well-Trained Mind.
    Join over 500,000 parents who have have trusted The Well-Trained Mind to educate their children.

  • Live classroom sessions with video, audio, and teacher-student interaction.
    Active, personalized interaction guarantees  your student will not just be another number in the crowd.

  • Small classes and personal attention.
    Our classes range from 10-15 students, much smaller than the average online course! All of our instructors are available for interactive meetings and phone calls and offer students personal coaching and assistance.

  • Qualified, skilled, accessible teachers.
    Our teachers go through an extensive interview and vetting process. They are well qualified in their fields, with years of experience in teaching, tutoring, homeschooling, or a combination of all three.

  • Graded assignments, written compositions, quizzes and tests.
    Students are continually evaluated by our instructors, and personalized commentary on papers and feedback on tests is part of our teaching process.

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