International students, afterschoolers, and students in distant American time zones may be best served by our Delayed Lecture Program. This program allows flexible lecture times, while still retaining the structure provided by assignment due dates.

All live lectures will be recorded. Students have the flexibility view any of the weekly recorded lectures, yet turn in assignments with the latest scheduled section (due dates are posted in the class syllabi).

Office hours will remain as indicated on the original schedule. The student will not be able to join in on the live class interaction, but may still make use of discussion forums and all other class features.

To Register for this program:

You may directly register for the “Delayed Lecture” section, located in each course description on our Courses page.

Note: Any student who desires a more flexible lecture schedule can also benefit from this program!

Click here to view our Delayed Student Orientation video.

Click here for a written orientation guide for Delayed Students.


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