What does my tuition payment provide for my student?

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

While you can find cheaper classes for your student online, your tuition payment to the Academy funds two very important things: live, interactive instruction from a qualified teacher who provides individualized grading and feedback; and ongoing administrative support.

Administrative support may not sound exciting, but it is invaluable for your student’s learning experience!

If your child’s teacher becomes ill, has a family emergency, or suffers from some other unexpected emergency that will take them out of the classroom for a prolonged period—something that happens in life!—the Academy will provide another trained instructor (often, one who is already teaching another section of the same class) so that the class can continue without disruption. Individual online class providers often have no similar backup system in place.

Our Dean, who holds a PhD and is an experienced college instructor, regularly visits each class and reviews teaching procedures and grading in order to make sure that the Academy classes all hold to the same high standards. She works with students, parents, and instructors to fix classroom issues quickly.

Our Director of Operations works with families to resolve financial and technical issues, assists families with emergency situations, and provides for the overall financial health of the Academy to ensure WTMA can continue to provide reliable courses and services.

Our registration staff spends considerable time processing monthly payments and refunds. This allows the Academy to offer you one of the most generous refund policies of any online class provider, as well as flexible no-fee payment plans that put Academy tuition within the reach of more families. Both the Dean and Director of Operations work closely with the registration and support staff; don’t be surprised if either one responds to you directly!

In short, the Academy does not simply offer classes; the Academy is an institution that, in exchange for your tuition payment, guarantees your student uninterrupted, consistent, high-quality instruction.