How do I request a transcript?

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

Unofficial WTMA Transcripts & Personal Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are always available to view in Genius. Unofficial transcripts may be used for your own personal records, and as a reference guide for when you are creating a personalized transcript. WTMA unofficial transcripts do not show credits earned in high school courses. Unofficial transcripts may NOT be used for official purposes. 

Parents who homeschool and use a variety of sources for their student’s education are responsible for creating the student’s high school transcript themselves. By placing the subject, grade level and year, credit awarded, and grade on the transcript form, you are certifying that the work has been completed. The transcript provided by the Academy will be used to verify your personal transcript. Admissions officers will compare your transcript with the student’s standardized test scores to see whether the levels of achievement are comparable.

Sample transcripts and transcript forms can be viewed on the following pages: 

If you need specialized transcript advice, consider scheduling a session with Well-Trained Mind Learning Services.

How to Request an Official Transcript

An official transcript provides a complete record of your student’s academic progress at the Academy. Credits will be added to the official transcript before it is printed, and must be confirmed as correct by the parent before the official transcript is sent. Please confirm all other information on the unofficial transcript is correct before requesting an official transcript. You may request an eTranscript ($5 per recipient) or a printed transcript ($10 per address). Email [email protected] to request an official transcript.