How are your AoPS classes different from those offered by the Art of Problem Solving website?


Our classes provide more support and student/instructor interaction.

Classes offered by the Art of Problem Solving website average 60 students per class, with one instructor and several “helpers” who monitor student responses. Students are expected to prepare for class by reading new material individually and completing the work before class. The class is primarily enrichment for students who can “teach themselves” efficiently.

In our classes, students prepare for class by reading the new material before meeting and then work through new concepts with the instructor during class time, making use of Socratic dialogue to master the ideas before being asked to complete the assignments. We progress at a slower pace than AoPS, and spend additional time making the material accessible and clear.

WTMA AoPS instructors expect students to dedicate about 90 minutes a day to their math work. Practicing new concepts in class and at home ensures that students truly understand the course material.

This is how our courses line up with the AoPS curriculum:

  • Pre-Algebra – AoPS Pre-Algebra 1 & 2
  • Number Theory – AoPS Number Theory (Elective)
  • Algebra I – AoPS Algebra A
  • Introduction to Counting & Probability (Elective) – Recommended to be taken at the same time or after after Algebra I.
  • Algebra II – AoPS Algebra B
  • Geometry – Recommended after Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus – Recommended after Algebra II and Geometry

Please note: We do not currently offer AoPS Intermediate Algebra because topics from that text are covered in our Algebra II and Pre-Calculus classes. Students who complete our Algebra II class are prepared to move on to either Geometry or Pre-Calculus.