How are grades assigned?

Julia Kaziewicz Collier

Instructors evaluate assignments after students submit them through Blackboard, the Academy’s learning management system. Parents should be involved in proctoring tests, and should also ensure that students are completing assignments on time.

The instructor assigns a grade for each assignment. These contribute to the student’s end-of-semester grade, and then to an end-of-year grade. End-of-year grades are cumulative. Parents are responsible for recording grades to student transcripts.

Our instructors use the following scale:

Letter GradeGrade Range
A+99.5 – 100
A93.0 – 99.4
A-90.0 – 92.9
B+87.1 – 89.9
B83.0 – 87.0
B-80.0 – 82.9
C+77.1 – 79.9
C73.0 – 77.0
C-70.0 – 72.9
D+67.1 – 69.9
D60.0 – 67.0
FBelow 60.0