Introduction to Statistics

Course Description


One-semester course (Fall) This class is ideal for students who have mastered the basics of algebra and want to explore other fields of mathematics. The class will introduce students to interpreting categorical and qualitative data, descriptive statistics (averages, measures of dispersion, types of distributions), conditional probability and the rules of probability, techniques of sampling, making inferences, and justifying conclusions.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra I. In addition, students should be comfortable using a keyboard to input work.

Example Syllabus (Download the PDF)

Required Text:

  • StanleySchmidt. Life of Fred: Statistics, expanded edition. Reno, Nevada: Polka Dot Publishing, 2016. ISBN: 9781937032548
  • W. Michael Kelley. The Humongous Book of Statistics Problems. New York: Alpha Books, 2016. ISBN: 9781592578658

Class meets once per week for 50-55 minutes.

Class cap: 15 students.

Designed for grades 9-12.

Students in grades 9-12 may be awarded .5 Mathematics or Elective credit upon completion of this course.