Computational Chemistry Lecture and Lab

Full-year course. This course will provide an in-depth exploration into the physical and chemical nature of matter in order to prepare the student to take the AP chemistry course and/or a science track in college. This inquiry-based course will focus on problem solving; the goal will be to help the student become a confident and independent problem solver. Students will analyze experimental data and develop a model for the particulate nature of matter. This course is ideal for students who might pursue careers in science.

Topics include the chemical foundations of matter, reactions in aqueous solutions, energy, modern atomic theory, chemical bonding, acids and bases, equilibrium oxidation-reduction reactions, electrochemistry, radioactivity, organic chemistry and biochemistry.

Prerequisite: B or better in Algebra I; B or better in Geometry or currently enrolled in Geometry

Students in Computational Chemistry are REQUIRED to take a full year of Computational Chemistry Lab. Students enrolled in this course will earn 2 lab science credits.   

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