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Fractions That Make Sense

Kate Snow


Workshop Description:

In this three-session workshop, you will learn everything you need to know to teach fractions to your upper-elementary students (approximately grades 3-6). We will uncover what makes these topics so challenging for kids, and you will learn how to teach fractions step-by-step so that your children achieve deep understanding and confidence.

After each class, you’ll receive a detailed handout summarizing the session’s most important information. You’ll also receive specific activity ideas so you can use what you’ve learned right away with your own students.

Each session is 1 ½ hours. No outside homework or reading is required. We’ll cover everything during class to make the most of your time.

Example Syllabus (Download the PDF)

Math That Makes Sense

How to Teach Elementary Arithmetic

Kate Snow


Course Description:

In this class, you will learn how to teach the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) so that your elementary-age students understand the operations deeply and can use them skillfully.

For each operation, we’ll explore:

  • Different ways of understanding and representing the meaning of the operation  
  • How to teach basic math facts
  • How to teach children to compute accurately and efficiently, both mentally and on paper
  • Children’s common errors and how to correct them

We will begin with counting and place value, and then we will work our way through the elementary math sequence up to long division (covering roughly 1st grade through 4th grade). If you feel weak in math, you will strengthen your skills and increase your confidence in these essential elementary math foundations. If you are strong in math, you will benefit from looking at the content from a teacher’s perspective.

Important general principles of teaching math will be woven throughout the course, including how to use manipulatives (hands-on materials), the role of drill and practice, and how to teach children to solve word problems.

Example Syllabus (Download the PDF)

Texts used in this course:

Elementary Mathematics for Teachers, by Parker and Baldridge (Sefton-Ash Publishing 2004)

Primary Mathematics, U.S. Edition, 3A Textbook

Primary Mathematics, U.S. Edition, 4A Textbook

Primary Mathematics, U.S. Edition, 5A Textbook

Kate Snow


I’m a math educator and homeschool mom, passionate about helping parents teach math with confidence. I hold a B.A. in mathematics from Harvard University and an M.S. in elementary education from Walden University. Before staying home with my children, I taught elementary school and wrote elementary math curriculum. Once I began homeschooling, I discovered how challenging it is for many parents to teach their children math and found myself often answering my friends’ questions about math. This inspired me to start a homeschool math blog ( and begin writing books that empower parents to teach math well. I am the author of Preschool Math at Home andAddition Facts That Stick, with more books on the way. I’m looking forward to working in-depth with parents at the Well-Educated Mind Academy to help them hone their skills at teaching math.

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